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The number of resources available on the internet for the study of Ibadism is really astonishing. My idea here is to gather together some of those sources that I have found most useful or that I think other researchers might be able to use. Some of these sites are aimed primarily at informing other Muslims about Ibadis, while others serve as forums for research. Still others are not devoted exclusively to Ibadis but are instead connected indirectly to contemporary Ibadi communities.

If you are aware of another site (in any language) that is worth adding to the list, please send me an e-mail and I will add it (

Organizations, Research Centers, Associations:

El-Minhaj.Org & The Abū Isḥāq Association | موقع للمنهاج

A very cool website. Al-Minhāj is a recently published journal devoted to Ibāḍī documents and manuscripts, accepting contributions in Arabic, English, French, and German. It is a bit difficult to get a copy of it (unless you live in Algeria) but the first two volumes look promising. The journal is run by the Abū Isḥāq Association ( جمعية أبي إسحاق أطفيش )–this is also the website for that organization, based in Ghardaia–which is working a number of interesting projects -including a project to catalog and digitize the manuscript collections of the Mzab valley.

Irwan.Org & The ʿAmmī Saʿīd Association | جمعية عمي سعيد

This is the second of the three major Ibadi associations in the Mzab valley. They run a private library of several thousand volumes (printed materials and manuscripts) at their main office in Ghardaia. جمعية التراث

The third of the major Mzab valley Ibadi organizaitons, the Tourath Association is based in Guerara (Qarārah), Algeria in the Mzab valley. They have been responsible for the publication of many important Ibadi works and show no evidence of slowing down.


Maghribadite, as the name suggests, was a research group and 5 year long project investigating Ibāḍī histories in the pre-modern (i.e., pre-Ottoman) Maghrib. The MI team, made up primarily of French and North African historians and archeologists, worked on a lot of exciting stuff and the website is available as an archived resource.

Association Culturelle Cheikh Salem | جمعية الشيخ سالم الثقافية

This association, founded in 2014, is a new organization named after the late Djerbian Ibāḍī historian Sālim b. Yaʿqūb. Based in Guezin, Djerba, the association hopes to found a center for cultural activities & research. In 2014 & 2015, it organized cultural seminars in memory of Cheikh Salem and in support of Ibāḍī studies in Djerba.

Djerba Ettawasol | جمعية جربة التواصل

This Tunis/Djerba-based organization is a religious and cultural organization aimed at supporting the Ibadi community in Tunisia as well as Ibadi-related research, lectures, and other activities. The office is Tunis is just beside the Bibliothèque Nationale de Tunisie.

Sultanate of Oman, Ministry of Heritage & Culture | سلطنة عمان، وزارة التراث والثقافة

The Omani Ministry of Heritage & Culture has been responsible for publishing a number of medieval and modern Ibāḍī works over the past couple of decades. In addition, it maintains a large manuscript collection.

Association communautaire des Mozabites du Canada

Association Djerbienne en France | جمعية جربة بفرنسا

Centre des études et de recherches sur l’ibadisme (CERI) [Paris, France] | مركز 
 الدراسات والبحوث حول الإباضية في باريس

This new center and publishing house, Ibadica, is still in its earliest stages and has not yet launched a website. Ultimately, it aims to serve as a point of reference for scholars and students interested in Ibadism in France and beyond. The founders have already put together an impressive collection of printed materials, including books, theses, and manuscript facsimiles.

Al-Jazeera Documentary on Ibāḍī communities in Djerba

Websites for Downloading Books and Articles on Ibāḍism: جمعية التراث

This is a very useful website with links to digital resources, articles and books. Perhaps most useful, however, is that the website hosts the near-completely digitized version of the Muʿjam Aʿlām al-Ibāḍiyya (The Dictionary of Ibāḍī ʿUlamāʾ). The dictionary is searchable -though you need to try several different versions of the name because it is a bit funky sometimes. I am currently working on using this same work to map relationships among scholars. Great tool!

 Istiqama has an interesting collection of both primary and secondary sources on Ibāḍism. The website is worth exploring just to see all of the different items available. Some of the digital copies of primary sources (e.g. al-Darjīnī’s Ṭabaqāt) have a few errors but are for the most part reliable.

Tāddārt تادّارت

Tāddārt has a collection of secondary studies on Ibadism available for download. It presents itself as “The Center for Ibāḍī Studies.” The website also claims to be gathering together a database of Ibadi manuscripts. While the Arabic and French versions of the site work fine, the English, German and Italian versions appear to be Google translate-ions.

Tāmātārt | تاماتاردت 

Tāmātārt is an online encyclopedia of the Nafūsa tribe (in Northwestern Libya), its history, and its culture. The site was created by the same folks who started Tāddārt  above.

Ibadhiya.Net    شبكة أهل الحق والاستقامة

Ibadism: Origins & History

Le M’Zab: Culture – Patrimoine 

Online Discussion Forums (in Arabic)

Ibadhi.Net | المذهب الإباضي 

ملتقى أهل الحديث | منتديات شبكة نفوسة -ليبيا

Libraries and Archives:

{NOTE: I am planning to devote a separate section to Ibadi libraries and archives as well as archives where Ibadi manuscripts are located. Those links below are only a few of the resources I have gathered} has a special page with a large list of libraries (public and private) holding Ibadi-related MSS here 

The Barouni Library (Djerba, Tunisia) المكتبة البارونية في جربة، تونس  

Bibliothèque Nationale de Tunisie

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Ibadi Islam Library Guide