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The Mzabi Confectioner of Istanbul: a story from the archives of the 19th century | الحلاوي المزابي في إسطانبول: قصة من أرشيفات القرن التاسع عشر

On 12 September 1878, Hadj Ahmed Ben Othman El Mzabi died in the Valide Sultan hospital in the Sultan Mahmud quarter of Istanbul. He had been working in the Ottoman capital as a confiseur, or ‘confectioner,’ making sugary sweets. At … Continue reading

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Jerba in European Archives: The Ben Ibrahim Family & the Consulates of France and Britain in the 19th century | جربة في الأرشيفات الأوروبية: عائلة “بن إبراهيم” وقنصليات فرنسا وبريطانية في القرن التاسع عشر

This week, I am in France at the Centre des Archives diplomatiques de Nantes looking for documents connecting Ibadis in Jerba and Cairo. I did a similar visit in January to the British National Archives (Kew) in London, where I … Continue reading

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Book out now: “Ibadi Muslims of North Africa” (Cambridge University Press, 2018) | صدر كتاب جديد: “إباضية إفريقيا الشمالية (منشورات جامعة كامبريج، ٢٠١٨)

I am excited to announce the publication of my first book, Ibadi Muslims of North Africa: Manuscripts, Mobilization, and the Making of a Written Tradition (Cambridge University Press, 2018), available here on It will be available on the US-based … Continue reading

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Intersections between Manuscript and Lithograph Cultures in Private Libraries | التداخلات بين ثقافتَي المخطوطات والطبعات الحجرية في المكتبات الخاصّة

Historians interested in Ibadi and other Arabic manuscripts (including me) often treat manuscripts separately from printed materials in private libraries. But in the second half of the 19th century, when Arabic lithography witnessed an explosion of production in urban centers … Continue reading

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Destroy a mosque they prayed in… imprison them, and beat them | هدم مسجد كانوا يصلون فيه…سجنهم وضربهم

This post comes from a handful of fatwas I ran across in the famous Miʿyār al-Muʿrib of the 15th-century North African scholar Aḥmad al-Wansharīsī (d.914/1508). It turns out that this amazing collection of thousands of fatwas, used by many modern … Continue reading

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Unexpected Connections: Musa Bey Grada, the Ottomans, and the Buffalo Agency | روابط غير متوقعة: موسى بيك قرادة، العثمانيون، ووكالة الجاموس

While working on an article on the history of Ibadi manuscripts at the Università degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale (UNO) in Naples, I ran across an interesting connection between that article and a larger project of mine on Ibadis in … Continue reading

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Abū Yazīd Makhlad b. Kaydād, the Jihadist | أبو يزيد مخلد من كيداد، الجهادي

[تنبيه: الترجمة العربية ستأتي بعد] Ibadis appear in surprising places—including late-20th century Jihadist literature. This post is about an unexpected use of the story of the famous 10th-century Ibadi leader of a rebellion against the Fatimid dynasty, Abū Yazīd Makhlad … Continue reading

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