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Ibadi Manuscripts in Naples| المخطوطات الإباضية في نابولي

I am delighted to announce that I have now posted an inventory and catalog of the Ibadi manuscripts held at the Special Collections Library of the Università degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale in Naples, Italy. The catalog includes appendices of … Continue reading

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An Ibadi Manuscript at Columbia University (Part 3/3)| مخطوط إباضي في جامعة كولومبيا (٣/٣)

   The Private Manuscript Library of Adolphe Motylinski   The previous two posts discussed the provenance of a manuscript copy of the Kitāb ṭabaqāt al-mashāyikh at Columbia University’s RBML in New York. The manuscript belonged to the collection of French … Continue reading

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Naples MS ARA 50 | مخطوط رقم ٥٠ في جامعة نابولي

Univ. of Naples l’Orientale MS ARA 50, f.1.a I mentioned in the last post that I planned on writing a short piece on a manuscript related to the al-Baʿṭūr library (formerly on the island of Jerba) currently held in the … Continue reading

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A Letter from the archive about Sedrata and Abū Zakariyā al-Warjalānī | رسالة من الأرشيف حول سدراتة وأبي زكرياء الورجلاني

While working through the private archive of French Orientalist Roger LeTourneau (d. 1971) at the Archives nationales d’outre mer (ANOM) in Aix-en-Provence last year, I came across an unexpected letter.  [1] The letter was in a folder containing materials used … Continue reading

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