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The owners and life cycle of Ibadi Manuscripts: AK157 from the Buffalo Agency | أصحاب المخطوطات الإباضية ومراحل حياتها: “أك١٥٧” من وكالة الجاموس نموذجا

As part of a project on the history of the Ibadi community in Cairo in the Ottoman period, I have been looking through digital facsimiles of manuscripts from the private library of Shaykh Aḥmad al-Khalīlī, the Grand Muftī of the … Continue reading

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Program for the Workshop on Ibadi Manuscripts and Manuscript Cultures 2019 | البرنامج للورشة الدولية حول المخطوطات الإباضية وثقافة المخطوطات عند الإباضية ٢٠١٩

We are delighted to welcome ten participants to Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane this Friday and Saturday (5-6 April 2019) for what we hope is the first of many paper workshops on “Ibadi Manuscripts and Manuscript Cultures.” This event brings … Continue reading

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Ibadi connections: Tripoli, Cairo, Baghdad, & Muscat during World War II | الروابط الإباضية: طرابلس والقاهرة وبغداد ومسقط في الحرب العالمية الثانية

As part of an ongoing project on the history of the Ibadi community in Cairo, I have been looking into the later life of the famous Ibadi activist, revolutionary, and diplomat Sulaymān al-Bārūnī. There has been some great stuff written … Continue reading

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From the Jebel Nafusa to Cairo: Notes on Ibadi Print Culture and the Buffalo Agency (part 2: Qāsim al-Shammākhī) | من جبل نفوسة إلى القاهرة: ملاحظات حول ثقافة الطباعة عند الإباضية ووكالة الجاموس (الجزء الثاني: قاسم الشماخي)

I return here to the first Ibadi newspaper published in Cairo in the 20th century: the Nibrās al-Mashāriqa wa-‘l-Maghāriba, which was recently published in one volume Oman in 2014 (ed. Ṣulṭān al-Shahīmī). The paper ran for about three years (1322-1326AH/1904-1906CE) under … Continue reading

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From the Jabal Nafusa to Egypt: Notes on Ibadi Manuscripts, Print Culture, and the Buffalo Agency in Cairo (part one) | من جبل نفوسة إلى مصر: ملاحظات حول المخطوطات الإباضية وثقافة الطباعة ووكالة الجاموس في القاهرة (الجزء الأول)

Thanks to the good folks over at Ibadica in Paris, I recently obtained a copy of the printed edition of the first Ibadi newspaper from Cairo, the Nibrās al-mashāriqa wa-‘l-maghāriba (ed. Ṣulṭān al-Shahīmī) re-published in one volume in Oman in 2014. [1] … Continue reading

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Sulaymān Bāsha al-Bārūnī: A CV in English | سليمان باشا الباروني: سيرة ذاتية بالإنجليزية

It’s been a busy semester of classes and I haven’t had much time to write. When I saw one particular document from the British Archives today, however, I decided to make time. The document in question comes from a folder … Continue reading

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Oddments from a “Nukkārī” Ibadi Library: the al-Ṣāṭūrī Library in Jerba, Tunisia | بقايا من مكتبة “نكارية”: مكتبة الصاطوري بجزيرة جربة (تونس)

Over the past several years, I have worked with private manuscript collections belonging to families in Jerba, Tunisia. The island is home to several well-known libraries, including those belonging to the Barouni (al-Bārūnī), Ben Yagoub (Bin Yaʿqūb), El Bessi (al-Bāsī), … Continue reading

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