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Catalog of Ibadi & Other Arabic Manuscripts at the Association pour la sauvegarde de l’île de Djerba (ASIDJ) | فهرس المخطوطات الإباضية وغيرها من المخطوطات العربية في مكتبة جمعية صيانة جزيرة جربة

After a series of short visits beginning in 2014 and ending just this week, I’m delighted to offer a preliminary catalog of Ibadi and other Arabic manuscripts held at the library of the Association pour la sauvegarde de l’île de … Continue reading

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Destroy a mosque they prayed in… imprison them, and beat them | هدم مسجد كانوا يصلون فيه…سجنهم وضربهم

This post comes from a handful of fatwas I ran across in the famous Miʿyār al-Muʿrib of the 15th-century North African scholar Aḥmad al-Wansharīsī (d.914/1508). It turns out that this amazing collection of thousands of fatwas, used by many modern … Continue reading

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Workshop on Ibadi Manuscripts (2019)| ورشة عمل حول المخطوطات الإباضية

I am delighted to announce the call for participants in an upcoming workshop entitled “Ibadi Manuscripts and Manuscript Cultures” to be held from 5-6 April 2019 at Al Akhawayn University in Morocco. The details can be found in English, Arabic, … Continue reading

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Preserving Endangered Archives in Jerba, Tunisia: The al-Bāsī Family Library | الحفاظ على الأرشيفات المهدّدة في جربة: مكتبة الباسي العائلية

The Journal of Manuscript Studies (3:1, Spring 2018) has just published a short research annotation by my colleague Dr. Ali Boujdidi and myself, describing our project on the El Bessi (al-Bāsī) family library in Jerba, Tunisia. The article is available … Continue reading

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New Online Resource for Ibadi and Omani Manuscripts & Newspapers | مرجع جديد للبحث حول المخطوطات الإباضية والجرائد متوفّر في الإنترنت

I was delighted to learn this past week of an amazing new collection of digital facsimiles of Ibadi manuscripts and related newspapers from Oman, Zanzibar, and the Mzab published online by the Omani Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs. The … Continue reading

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Unexpected Connections: Musa Bey Grada, the Ottomans, and the Buffalo Agency | روابط غير متوقعة: موسى بيك قرادة، العثمانيون، ووكالة الجاموس

While working on an article on the history of Ibadi manuscripts at the Università degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale (UNO) in Naples, I ran across an interesting connection between that article and a larger project of mine on Ibadis in … Continue reading

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Upcoming Public Exhibition for al-Bāsī Library Project in Djerba, Tunisa: معرض مكتبة الباسيين في جربة

It is my pleasure to announce the upcoming public exhibition of “Conserving Endangered Archives in Jerba: the al-Bāsī Family Library Project” in Djerba, Tunisia, taking place this coming weekend on Saturday, 3rd of March at 17:30 in Houmet Souk. Over … Continue reading

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