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Ibadis in Midrarid Sijilmasa |الإباضية في مدينة سجلماسة المدرارية

Midrarid-era ceramic from Sijilmasa (Messier & Fili, 2011, 132) In 2010, I published an article on the history of the Midrarid dynasty that ruled the city of Sijilmasa in what is today southern Morocco from the mid-8th through the 10th … Continue reading

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Dissertation Available Online | الأطروحة موجودة في الإنترنت

I am currently preparing another post on private Ibadi manuscript libraries on the island of Djerba in Tunisia but wanted to pass along the link to my PhD dissertation from the University of Michigan. The entire text is now available … Continue reading

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The (Almost) Lost Siyar of Jabal Nafusa | سير مشائخ جبل نفوسة (التي كادت تُفقد)

Manuscript copy of the Kitāb sīrat ahl nafūsa written in the hand of Maḥmūd b. Sālim b. Yaʿqūb and dated 21 August 1974. Source: al-Bughṭūrī, Siyar mashāʾikh jabal nafūsa, ed. T.A. al-Shaqrūnī (Tawalt Editions, 2009), 19. This post is devoted … Continue reading

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A Letter from the archive about Sedrata and Abū Zakariyā al-Warjalānī | رسالة من الأرشيف حول سدراتة وأبي زكرياء الورجلاني

While working through the private archive of French Orientalist Roger LeTourneau (d. 1971) at the Archives nationales d’outre mer (ANOM) in Aix-en-Provence last year, I came across an unexpected letter.  [1] The letter was in a folder containing materials used … Continue reading

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Amr Ennami in Michigan |المرحوم الدكتور عمرو النامي في ميشيغان

One of my first introductions to Ibadi studies was the well-known dissertation of the Libyan historian ‘Amr Khalifa Ennami from Cambridge University in 1971.  Ennami holds a important place in the history of Ibadi Studies because he introduced many Anglophones … Continue reading

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